Bath Chair

Different Types of Bath Chairs

Innovation in the independent living aids sector has meant that there are plenty of options for each type of disability aid available.

Innovation has taken place specifically to meet the needs of a user. Manufacturing companies have realised that each individual and their disability needs can be quite different, keeping this in mind, they have developed a range of models for each type of disability aid including bath aids and toilet aids.

What are bath chairs?

As the name suggests, a bath chair is similar to a simple chair that we use in our everyday lives but these have been designed to be used in wet areas. They come fixed with a backrest and a seat to sit on in it’s

Different variations of bath chairs include:

Fixed or Adjustable Height: There are two variations available. One with a fixed height and the other with a pin and holes built in the legs that can be used to adjust the height of the bath chair based on the user’s preference.

With or Without Armrests: Armrests can provide the user with extra support to get on and off a chair. So depending on the user’s mobility levels, you have the option to choose a bath chair with and without an armrest.

Freestanding Bath Chairs or Wall Mounted: A bath chair with legs to keep the chair upright or something with two legs or no legs, these type of chairs are also called suspended bath chairs and use the bathtub wall to keep the chair or seating upright.

Cut-out Bath Chairs: Specifically designed bath chairs with a cut-out on the seat to allow the user to clean the genital area easily.

Foldable Bath Chairs: Bath chairs that can be easily folded away after use in order to allow for better circulation within the bathing area of a bathroom.

Tub Transfer Bench: This is a special bath seat that has been designed for individuals with low levels of mobility such as wheelchair-bound users. Two legs are placed within the bathtub and two outside. This makes the transfer in and out of the bathtub easier.

It is best to talk to an occupational therapist to get an understanding of the best bath chair to suit your individual needs.

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